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27 janvier 2007 6 27 /01 /janvier /2007 16:42

Mady P2X a traduit ma petite grille Je brode en allemand à la demande de certaines visiteuses de son blog. Alors, moi je l'ai traduite en anglais ! Ensemble créons l'Internationale des brodeuses ! C'est la lutteuh finaleuh ... !!!! Si vous avez d'autres suggestions ... Donnez-moi le texte et je mettrais de nouvelles versions en ligne.

Just a few words for our non-French speaking friends. All this came from a little chronicle on the 2nd French radio called Europe 1. During a daily 2 mn live talk on blogs, one of the participants, a blogger on politics, nicknamed me "Ginette Macramé" - Ginette being an outdated first name, representing a popular but somehow idiot housewife. Basically, they said that the influence of individual bloggers for the next presidential election in 3 months in France will be very important and that if I decided not to talk about macramé and cooking recipes for once, but to give voting instructions, I would probably become a little opinion leader "like your butcher or the café manager at the corner". It could have been very funny if they did not show a clear contempt for those poor little housewifes not able to think by themselves !

I received more than a hundred warm support comments following this program, one of them coming from Valette, who said that she felt sometimes embarassed to tell to people she didn't know that she liked stitching. So I decided to launch an operation "coming-out" called "I stitch ... and U ?" The aim is to stitch the little chart and to fasten it to a key ring, to make a brooch ... whatever you want as long as it is visible for everybody. And if you see someone with the same, bingo ! You know that you have the same hobby. The aim is to have fun, share our common passion and why not ... make new friends !

If you stitch it, please send me a little picture.

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brodeliande 13/04/2007 09:35

c'est une  bonne idée  cette traduction!
Juste une précision, "ich sticke...und du? " signifie littéralement : je brode...et toi?
Je brode et vous? se traduirait par "ich sticke ...und ihnen?" d'après mes garçons qui parlent courament allemand.

DominiqueA 17/04/2007 10:05

Merci pour cette précision. Et dire que j'ai fait 8 ans d'allemand à l'école ! On croirait pas !?!  Tant pis, j'ai la flemme de modifier la grille, je laisse nos amies allemandes la modifier au moment de la broder !
A bientôt,

Clairefontaine 01/02/2007 17:58

Très sympa cette idée...Merci

Mady 29/01/2007 17:40

Super ;o) J'ai vu que une des filles a mis la traduction en italien, mais je l'ai eu par Elda qui passe sur mon blog depuis quelques temps. Je t'envoie ça ce soir ;o)Bise Mady

pruprune 29/01/2007 13:48

vive le point de croix internationa l!!!!

Véronique 28/01/2007 10:17

C'est tout simplement génial ! Bises.

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